Module Seven


Module 7 – Discovering Global Trade


The globalization of trade around the world will result in major changes in agriculture. Forces outside of the USA, such as the World Trade Organization, have major impact on agriculture, the communities where we live, and the needs of Extension clientele. By completing this module you will gain a better understanding of the impacts of trade, who a few of the major players may be, and resources available to you to better prepare yourself and your clients for these changes.


Kelvin Leibold is a Farm Management Field Specialist with Iowa State University Extension Service. You may also contact him via telephone at (641)648-4850.


Overview of Discovering Global Trade Module (Text) (PDF)

Unit 1: Basic Concepts of Trade (Text) (PDF)

Resource Materials (Text) (PDF)

International Vocabulary Worksheet (PDF)

International Vocabulary Answers (Power Point)

Two Country Trade Examples (PDF)

Crop Budget Comparisons (Power Point)

Crop Budget Reviews (Text) (PDF)


Unit 2: Geography and Agricultural Trade

Overview (Text) (PDF )

Resource Materials (Text) (PDF )

Fact Sheet Overview (Power Point )

Brazil Fact Sheet (PDF)

China Fact Sheet (PDF)

USA Fact Sheet (PDF)

Geography (Power Point )

Brazil Land Use (Image)

Brazil Climate (Image)

Brazil Population (Image)

Brazil Political (Image)

China Climate (Image)

China Land Use (Image)

China Political (Image)

China Population (Image)

USA Political (Image)

USA/Iowa Climate (Image)

USA/Iowa Land Use (Image)

USA/Iowa Population (Image)

Map Comments (Text) (PDF )

Commodity Imports and Exports Activity (Power Point)

Everything Depends on Everything Else Activity (Power Point)

Ag Trade Vocabulary Summary (Text) (PDF )

Global Ag: Implications for US Farmers (Video Clip )


Unit 3: Policies that Influence Trade

Overview (Text) (PDF )

Dynamics of Ag Competitiveness: Policy Lessons from Abroad (PDF )

Ag Trade and the Doha Round: Lessons from Commodity Studies (PDF )

Goals of Ag Policies (Power Point )


Unit 4: Current Issues in Agricultural Trade

Overview (Text) (PDF )

Resource Materials (Text) (PDF )

Ag Marketing and Resource Center – International Issues (Web )

Ag Marketing and Resource Center – International Markets (Web )

Foreign Ag Trade of the United States (Web )